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Several years ago, a coworker and friend designed a logo for me. That morphed into a consideration of ways to expand my network through starting a web presence as a representative of Alt Media Studios, based out of Cleveland, Ohio (thus the 216 number, which is one of the original area codes of this location). 

My objective is to share my experience in sales and client relations as it pertains to both website design and development as well as digital marketing. I have worked for some time as the Inside Salesman for Alt Media Studios, a Cleveland-based certified Google Partner agency. If you visit the Our Processes page, more is explained on how we can help you with your particular online marketing needs.

I am working on offering more to our current and prospective clients, so stay tuned. As you probably have experienced personally, business landscapes have drastically changed during and since the COVID-19 pandemic. This manifests itself not just in the habits of our workforce but also in how we communicate. I am very passionate about good customer service and business partnerships. Today's interpersonal communication is lacking in so many areas, and there is a breakdown of etiquette which wreaks havoc on our productivity but also revenue stream. I want to have a share, however small, in helping to rectify this trend as much as I can. Please visit my Resources page for examples of specific situations I am referring to. Hopefully you can take something away from these and share with others. 

My Message to You:

I'm so glad you came to my site! I hope to provide some helpful information as you consider your online marketing needs. As the Inside Salesman for Alt Media Studios, it would be my privilege to forge an ongoing professional and mutually beneficial partnership with you. Our company's services are multi-faceted and our combined experience and skill level are very hard to match...not just in Cleveland but anywhere you may look.

I hope while you're on my site you can benefit from things I've learned in this industry. Of course, since I am just one representative of the company, there is much more information that can be gleaned by going to In the meantime though, since you're here, please feel free to take your time and look around. Then make sure to drop me a line.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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