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"Get to Know Me!" - Lovitz

I work for a long-time friend of mine as his Inside Salesman. The company's name is Alt Media Studios. Over the past several years, we have grown and it is a privilege for me to work with a group of talented and self-motivated teammates. Each one has their own talents and abilities and together we form a truly unique group of web designers and digital marketing specialists who constantly think outside the box. My job as the salesman is to cultivate relationships among existing and potentially new customers. 

I have had the opportunity throughout my working career to live and work in New York City in the mid-90's and then later in Southern California, where I started working in sales as a Realtor for Century 21 under the leadership of a good friend and mentor who I still keep in touch with. Later my wife and I moved for family reasons to Northwest Arkansas, where I gained experience in a challenging form of customer service...helping people stay in their homes after the financial crisis of 2008. 

Between my background in volunteer work, real estate sales and handling challenging situations with those dealing with foreclosure and bankruptcy, I love the chance since moving back to my hometown of Cleveland of working with a great boss and a great team of individuals. I can't believe that at 44 years of age I'm the oldest guy in the company but oh well, it had to be someone. 

We are a certified Google Partner which gives us credibility as a trusted resource when it comes to best practices for the web (not just for web development, but also for digital marketing). 

I'd love to hear from you. Visit the Contact page and drop me a line or text! 


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