The Return of In-Person Client Meetings

June 27, 2024

Have you felt that since the pandemic, you've noticed a dropoff in the amount of in-person meetings you've had with clients or even prospective clients? 

To be fair, COVID afforded us the ability - out of necessity with social distancing - to meet virtually. If it were not for the pandemic, tools like Zoom might still have been to many merely a concept instead of an everyday program that even your grandparents have become amazingly proficient in. 

However, the last few years have forever changed the landscape of the work environment and work ethic. It has affected how we view connections with others, at times for better and at times for worse.


Is there something that can help you beat a negative mindset or feeling of struggle in meeting with people if that is an apprehension you may have? Let's review a few reasons that may shed a positive light on you that I've observed from my experience: 

  1. If you work from home but can get out and meet with clients, it gives you a fresh perspective and a change of scenery
  2. You seldom, if ever, can truly know your client's needs unless you see them, see where they work, and listen to them express their needs to them. If 90% of communication is non-verbal, than that means body language is lost over the phone. Much of that body language is also lost even on virtual meetings. 
  3. People want to know you're invested in them and value their business. You get out of the relationship what you put into it. 
  4. You mitigate misunderstandings and wasted time by understanding each other as early in the project as possible. 
  5. You also are likely to identify other areas where you can help them...leading to additional opportunities to provide other services to them. This of course benefits not only them but also your company. 
  6. This makes you a more rounded out and better employee. In an age of uncertainty, getting out there...whether it is helping with trade shows or meeting with clients at their place of business...lets you challenge yourself and improve your skills as a salesman. 

So remember there are at least six good reasons to keep getting out there. Also keep in mind that more often than not...appointments usually always go way better than we often anticipate! 

Get out there then! 


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