My Favorite Expression During a Conversation with a Client

March 26, 2021

It might not be what you think. It comes well before the phrase that salesmen like to hear, namely "sign me up!" No, it's a phrase I heard by two different business owners over the last two weeks...and it really was music to my ears. By hearing these 5 words, I knew we were clicking and a good rapport was forming. The process of qualifying the lead was heading in the right direction. What were those 5 words?

Here you go...the 5 words I loved to hear were "you're asking the right questions." Why were those words so significant? 

Why These Words are So Great

By saying this, I felt that the client was feeling that they were being heard. Their needs were starting to be addressed, and I could hear the confidence in me and my agency grow. Just as no two businesses are alike, neither are their websites. Aesthetics and functionality vary. So does their target audience, their demographic, and their marketing budget. All different, and these details need to be discussed and heard out before a proper proposal can be provided and a deal be made. 

It was very encouraging to me to hear this, and I hope in the future I keep hearing it from potential clients, and I hope I hear it after we enter into a business relationship and they let us know future needs they may have that we can fill. The words mean so much, and it indicates a mutual respect and understanding that I and the team at Alt Media Studios looks to have. 

Do You Need Someone to Really Know Your Business and Help You?

Are you not feeling heard by your current webmaster? Are they indifferent to your business needs? Granted, at times customers may ask the impossible from their website company. It is important to be realistic and know your market and also do comparison shopping. However, if you are floundering and have need of a connection with an online marketing agency and have so far been unsuccessful, I know people. Give me a call, it will be worth it. 


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