The Unsubscribe Button (A Sight for Sore Eyes)

July 9, 2021

Don't Be Shy...Unsubscribe! 

Unless you're a superhero, you probably get behind at times. You might rush to get out the door (or these days, get to your home office on time), and when you get to your inbox what do you typically do? Maybe you're not even consciously aware of it, but have you noticed lately how many emails you're sifting through to get to the ones that matter? 

Once in a while, it's important to take stock of who is sending you what...decide what's important and then do some housekeeping. 

How beautiful is this little button on the bottom of unwanted emails, eh? 

Sesame Street Reaction GIF by PBS KIDS

In the course of a week, I probably got rid of 10-15 annoying emails that served no purpose other than to make it an almost daily chore of deleting, taking up unwanted space in my head to sift through and get down to business. 

Of course, there may have been a time when you needed to sign up and get emails. For example, in my job every so often we will send out gift baskets to clients. To do that, I'll go on a related website and the first thing I am asked to do is enter my email address so I can get a discount on my order. That was over six months ago!!! 

I won't pretend to go into the psychology of why too many unwanted emails in your inbox can clutter your mind as well and the effects that may be having on your mind and body, but I do believe just like other areas of life, the old addage applies: a tidy desk is a tidy mind (or, a tidy inbox is a productive workday). 

Or, something like that...

Other Email Problems

I recently spoke with a customer who said he spends most of each morning filtering through his inbox to get rid of unwanted emails. This example is worthy of mentioning here because I don't want to imply that my problems are the only problems out there. You all have different challenges with your email, IT needs, etc. It may be that you need a better email client. You may need to mark legitimate emails in your spam box by adding the sender to contacts so it gets to your inbox. 

Alt Media Studios offers solutions in this regard. If you'd like to talk to me about that (particularly if we host your website), please let me know! 

Life is stressful enough, this shouldn't stack on top of your other 99 problems. 



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